Quick Update: I’m Still Here

It’s been almost a month since my last post, but I’m still here!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. As you may have known (or not), I recently moved (to a different city), so I have been quite busy with moving and settling in my new place. I have been busy with my new job as well, and that is why I haven’t been able to write anything on this blog yet (but I have so many recordings I want to review!). The moving company was slow too, so I had to stay at the hotel for two weeks without most of my belongings (at least I had a baggage of clothes, my laptop, and a few books).

But on a brighter note, I have written quite a few tracks for a new painted coda album! I am actually working on one right now :) I’m hoping to have this album released some time in the first half of next year.

That is all. I hope to do some more music reviews soon; but of course, I’m going to give writing for painted coda’s next album more priority ;)


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