February Update

Happy New Year!……..it’s a little late for that, I know.

The last post I made was 2 months ago; sorry for being so inactive! I have some updates, for those who are still reading this blog.

I have finished writing the music and most of the lyrics for painted coda’s second album. It will be about an hour of music. I think it’s a big step up from the writing of the first album Songs from the Dark. The music is a little stranger and a little more experimental; influences from classical music have also found their way into this album, but as a whole, I would still classify it as progressive rock. The atmosphere will be quite dark, if not darker than the first album. I am in the middle of the recording process now, and if all goes smoothly, the album should be finished in a few months (or a couple of months, hopefully).

I am also planning a third album for this year. Remember a while back when I mentioned I was planning an album called “Eternity” but then abandoned it? This “third album” will contain many tracks written during the Eternity session, and will include the full version of Your Song which I released as a “short single edit” last year. It won’t be called “Eternity” anymore, for various reasons which I will not mention since it would involve much explanation ;)

If I manage to be productive this year, I will also like to remix and re-record some parts of Songs from the Dark, as I am not quite satisfied with the final result, and I think the compositions deserve to sound better :) Depending on how I feel, I might do this after the second album, or after the third album.

Well, I hope that wasn’t too boring to read. Thanks again for your support, friends.


4 thoughts on “February Update

      1. Right. I have been pretty busy lately posting about composers and works, but my op-ed on classical music and journalism multiplied the number of blog views by 5 two days ago. May be I should change the subjects I am writing about?! Blogosphere is a strange world. πŸ™„


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