“asleep” – second album is out!

I am very happy to announce that painted coda’s second album, titled asleep, is now available! The album clocks at 67 minutes in total (that’s over an hour of delicious prog/experimental rock music!), and includes some of the best materials I have written to date. The full tracklisting is as follows:

1. entrance – 01:07
2. bluemoon (petal field ii) – 07:32
3. childhood friend – 05:05
4. labyrinth – 09:08
5. night music – 01:44
6. the absurdist – 12:11
7. infinity (petal field iii) – 04:21
8. betrayal – 16:12
9. betrayal ii – 04:30
10. redshift – 05:13

The album cover art can be seen below. Please check out my bandcamp page to stream or download the album.

I really hope you will enjoy the album as much as I do :)


asleep 2 (cover)_1400

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