painted coda – “Eternity” is released

painted coda’s third album, titled Eternity, is finally released! The album contains tracks that I have originally written as far back as almost 5 years ago as well as tracks newly written just a few months ago. Musically, it’s a progressive rock album with some catchy “pop-ish” influence (a lot more than the previous releases). Production wise, this is also my best produced album so far. The track listing is as follow:

1. Reminiscence (01:28)
2. Your song (11:52)
3. Afterglow (04:25)
4. The moon on cloudy nights (03:25)
5. Missing half (07:02)
6. Bridge of stars (05:31)
7. Eternity (12:06)
8. Memories of two (01:05)

Eternity (medium)

Now, a few notes about the album. This is a concept album that tells a tragic story of two lovers with a childhood promise. I have actually planned for an album like this about 2 years ago, but I felt like I wasn’t ready yet back then, and I’m glad I have waited until now to create something like this, as this turned out to be painted coda’s most mature album to date. My goal with this project is to create something more simple but touching, so if this album has moved you in any way, then I’m very happy :)

Please give Eternity a listen on my bandcamp (or youtube channel), and share if you like it. It would really help us out a lot. Thanks so much!!


– kanN

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